An objective, clinical approach is critical to ensure our patient-reported outcomes are valid and accurate. For this side of our work we need our team to be highly qualified, experienced and analytical. Yet we never forget that we’re dealing with human lives and emotions, so you’ll find our scientifically-based approach is underpinned with genuine compassion, whether you’re dealing with our diligent admin team or our meticulous researchers.

Our Senior Researchers


Professor Stephen McKenna PhD, AFBPsS, C.Psychol

Director of Research

Before co-founding Galen Research in 1989, Stephen worked in various academic departments concerned with clinical, social, occupational and community health. He was a member of the team that developed and tested the Nottingham Health Profile and, with Sonja Hunt, developed and operationalised the needs-based model of quality of life.

Stephen now specialises in the development of disease-specific patient-reported outcome measures, primarily for the pharmaceutical industry. He is widely published, lectures around the world and is an internationally recognised expert in the fields of quality of life assessment and health measurement.


Jeanette Wilburn MSc

Senior Research Associate

Jeanette has vast qualitative analysis experience, including the use of Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) and grounded theory.