The content for all of the outcome measures developed by Galen Research was generated from qualitative interviews conducted by carefully trained interviewers. Patient interviews are also conducted to determine the face and content validity of the final measures.

As a result of undertaking such patient interviews, the researchers at Galen have developed extensive experience of working with patients to determine their views and feelings – often in sensitive areas. Such interviews can answer a wide range of research questions including those related to trial design and marketing decisions.

For example, in order to determine the burden of illness fully it is necessary to determine directly from patients the economic, social and psychological costs associated with their illness. Such information can be most accurately determined by experienced researchers.
Galen also has extensive experience in running focus groups to gain an overview of the impact of disease. We have also worked extensively with patients in the development of disease-specific utilities and conjoint analytical approaches.

In order to analyse the results of such qualitative interviewing we have also developed expertise in the use of different analytic models. These range from simple thematic analysis through to Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA). The latter is used to explore in detail the patient’s personal experience of their condition.