High quality reviews provide an essential foundation for a variety of research and marketing objectives. Good reviews do not merely aim to summarise the current literature but to evaluate it in order to answer the expressed research question or to indicate if evidence is unavailable. Different research needs require tailored reviews that focus on answering a specific question or providing a comprehensive understanding of the research area.

Conducting reviews requires researchers with analytical experience and extensive knowledge of the patient reported outcomes (PRO) field in order to examine the wealth of information available and disseminate the review findings in concise and accurate reports. Many can read and summarise research reports but few can determine their relevance and accuracy.

Galen Research has a team of highly trained researchers with extensive experience of conducting literature and PRO measure reviews in support of a wide range of research needs.

Literature Review

Galen Research can provide a comprehensive review of the current literature available on a specific condition and its impact on patients. An extensive search of catalogues and databases maximises our ability to answer your research question. This process will also help to identify if there are any PROs available that meet your study criteria. Galen add value by being able to interpret the published results in relation to their significance for clinical studies.

PRO measures

Galen Research can identify and evaluate all widely used PROs developed and applied in your specific area of interest. A thorough assessment of potential PROs would include an examination of the measure’s development and validation, psychometric properties and contextual applications. The review would also determine language version availability and report on cultural applicability and acceptability. Providing a concise and accurate description of all potential PROs and a recommendation on which PROs would match your desired research needs. If the review identifies a lack of PRO suitability for your research need we can work collaboratively on alternative methods of meeting your specific research objectives. These would range from qualitative patient interviewing to PRO measure development.